3D Ultrasonic Anemometer

81000V - Voltage Inputs and Serial Outputs

The YOUNG Model 81000V Ultrasonic Anemometer is a 3-axis, no-moving-parts wind sensor with four synchronized voltage input channels and serial output.


Voltage Inputs and Serial Outputs (recommended cable: 18660)81000V$3,148.00
22 AWG, Per Ft.18660$2.10

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The YOUNG Model 81000V Ultrasonic Anemometer measures both horizontal and vertical wind speed and direction.  This sensor features durable, corrosion-resistant construction with three opposing pairs of ultrasonic transducers supported by stainless steel members.  Each sensor is fully wind tunnel tested and calibrated to provide accurate wind measurement.  The standard sensor features RS-232 and RS-485 serial outputs.  Four analog voltage inputs allow data from input devices to be included on the serial output string.  The sensor mounts on a standard 1-inch IPS pipe.  A mounting orientation ring is included that engages with the base of the sensor to retain orientation when the sensor is removed for maintenance.  Terminations are made in a junction box at the base of the sensor by small clamp-style connectors (no special connectors are required).

Wind Speed:

Range: 0 to 40 m/s (0 to 90 mph)
Resolution: 0.01 m/s
Threshold: 0.01 m/s
Accuracy: ± 1% ± 0.05 m/s (30 m/s), ± 3% (40 m/s)

Wind Direction:

Azimuth Range: 0 to 360°
Elevation Range: ± 60°
Resolution: 0.1°
Accuracy: ± 2° (30 m/s), ± 5° (40 m/s)

Speed of Sound:

Range: 300 to 360 m/s
Resolution: 0.01 m/s
Accuracy: ± 0.1% ± 0.05 m/s (30 m/s)

Sonic Temperature:

Range: -50 to 50°C
Resolution: 0.01°C
Accuracy: ±2°C (30 m/s)

Voltage Inputs:

0 to 5000 mV, V1 & V2
0 to 1000 mV, V3 & V4
Resolution: 1 part in 4000
Accuracy: ± 0.1% of full scale

Serial Outputs:

User Programmable
RS-232 or RS-485
Formats: ASCII, ASCII polled, NMEA
Baud: 1200, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400
Output rate: 4 to 32 Hz (user-selected)
Units: m/s, cm/s, mph, knots, km/h

Power Requirement:

12 to 24 VDC, 110 mA

Operating Temperature:

-50 to +50°C


Overall height: 56 cm (22.0 in)
Support arm radius: 17 cm (6.7 in)
Mounting: 34 mm (1.34 in) diameter (standard 1 inch pipe)


1.7 kg (3.8 lb)

Shipping Weight:

4.5 kg (10 lb)