For USA Customers

Complete service and support is available for all current YOUNG products.  Our service department can analyze and service your equipment for a nominal fee to bring the unit back into specifications.  Replacement parts are also available for customers who wish to service their own instruments.  Service and support for older sensor models is dependent upon parts availability.  Calibration of older sensor models will continue to be available.  Due to temporary supply issues, parts availability and/or lead time to service returned equipment may be extended.  

For customers outside the USA

Most R. M. Young Company distributors outside of the USA are able to provide local service and support.   Please contact our distributor in your area to determine the availability of service or if the product may need to be shipped to the R. M. Young Company.  If for any reason this is not practical, please contact us directly.

Repairs or Maintenance

  • Contact us at or call 231-946-3980 to assist in determining the nature of the problem and whether your equipment must be returned to our factory.
  • If it is determined that the equipment requires factory service, we will issue a return materials authorization (RMA) number.


Contact us at or call 231-946-3980 to request a return materials authorization (RMA) number.

Return of Goods other than above

Follow the same procedure as for Calibration. Return Policy

Returned Material Authorization (RMA) Form

Using the RMA number issued by our factory service team, please complete the RMA form and return it to  Please include a copy of the form inside the shipping carton whenever possible.

RMA Form & Instructions

RMA Form Instructions

Please complete the RMA form issued by R. M. Young Company by entering the following:

  • Billing address for the equipment being returned
  • Shipping address that you would like the equipment returned to.  If the same as billing you can enter ‘same’.
  • Method of payment.  Note that terms will need to be established or reviewed for open account.
  • Preferred shipping method including UPS or FedEx account number.  Typical UPS Ground or FedEx 3-Day is used unless otherwise specified.
  • List of equipment being returned.  If more than three lines are necessary please enter in the notes area in the lower portion of the form or on a separate page.
  • Reason for return.  Note that a General Calibration Certificate is included with all sensors (emailed with invoice) example general certificate.  An optional NIST Calibration (with test data) is available for an additional fee.  Please indicate if both an As Found and As Left NIST calibrations are needed.
  • Indicate any/all applicable problems you are experiencing with the equipment being returned.
  • Add any pertinent notes that will aid in our analysis of your equipment.  Although our Service Department will fully examine the equipment being returned, specific notes regarding the nature of the problem will allow us to focus more closely on the issues you are experiencing.

Download the RMA Form

Products may not be returned without prior authorization and a RMA number issued by the R. M. Young Company.  

Harmful Substances

All products returned must be clean and uncontaminated by harmful substances such as hazardous chemicals, insects, and pests.  Any equipment that is returned uncleaned may be subject to refusal of service or additional fees and delays.

Packaging and Shipment

  • Pack the equipment in the original shipping cartons when possible.
  • Include the completed RMA form with the equipment (inside the shipping carton is suggested) or email it to
  • Do not include cabling, power supplies, etc. unless relevant to the repair/issues with equipment.
  • Mark the RMA number on the outside of the carton/shipping label.
  • Ship to:
    R.M. Young Company
    Attn: Service Dept / RMA #          
    2801 Aero Park Drive
    Traverse City, Michigan 49686
  • Ship via UPS or FedEx, or other traceable method.  Note that customer is responsible for all shipping charges.  Insure package(s) against damage or loss.

R. M. Young Company will contact you via email with a confirmation of receipt of goods.  You will subsequently be contacted with an estimate for repair or calibration prior to work being initiated.  Please refer to the issued RMA number should you have any questions regarding the equipment you returned.