Electronic Compass & Serial Interface

32500 / 32400

The Electronic Compass/Serial Interface provides accurate “true” wind indication with serial data output for use with YOUNG wind sensors.



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The YOUNG Model 32500 Electronic Compass utilizes a solid state compass module for accurate magnetic heading data and is ideal for mobile and portable applications.  The compass module is combined with high resolution interface circuitry to generate useful "true" wind data from the wind sensor.  Auxiliary sensor inputs allow connection of other meteorological sensors such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors.  All analog signals are converted to serial format for clear transmission.  Supplied in a weather resistant enclosure, the 32500 is mounted on a sleeve that fits on the same vertical mast as the YOUNG wind sensor.

The YOUNG Model 32400 Serial Interface offers the benefits of serial output without the compass circuitry.  The serial interface greatly simplifies connection of meteorological sensors to recording electronics with serial inputs.  The digital signal is more resistant to electrical interference and errors from line losses and can typically be carried over longer distances using a minimum number of conductors.  Model 32400 has a convenient clamp for attachment to a vertical pipe and is also supplied in a weather resistant enclosure.

Compass (32500 only):

Resolution: 0.5°
Accuracy: ±2° (rms)

Wind Speed Input:

Sensor type: AC frequency generator
Sensitivity: 50mV p-p at 10 Hz
Range: 0-2000 Hz

Wind Direction Input:

Sensor Type: Potentiometer
Range: 0-5000mV = 0 to 355°
Excitation: 5000mV (limited to 5 mA)

Voltage Inputs (Auxiliary Sensor Inputs):

Resolution: 12-bit
2 channels: 0-1000mV
2 channels: 0-5000mV

Voltage Outputs:

0-5000mV 0-100 m/s wind speed
0-5000mV 0-360° true wind direction

Serial Outputs:

Full duplex RS-232 or half duplex RS-485
Formats: ASCII, ASCII polled, NMEA, RMYT (compatible with 06201 display)
Baud: 1200, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400

Power Requirement:

11 to 30 VDC, 40 mA

Operating Temperature:

-50°C to 50°C


12 cm (4.75 in) H x 7.3 cm (2.87 in) W x (5.3 cm (2.12 in) D
32500 mounting: 34 mm (1.34 in) diameter (standard 1 inch pipe)
32400 mounting: Stainless steel U-bolt mounting clamp fits vertical pipe 25-50 mm (Ø1-2 in)