R.M. Young Company

 Young offers NIST traceable calibration for many of our sensors as well as calibration services for other manufacturers' products. For pricing information please see our Calibration Price List.


Calibration Wind Tunnel

50 cm x 76 cm open return wind tunnel.


Wind Sensor Calibration

Performed in our 50 cm x 76 cm test section open return wind tunnel. Features a 14 point wind speed calibration from 0 to 30 m/s. Test report provided. Available for all Young wind sensors. Other sensors quoted on request.



Calibration Wind Tunnel

Temperature baths with controllers.


Temperature Sensor Calibration

3 point calibration at -50°C,0°C,+50°C utilizing Rosemount and Kinetic Systems controlled temperature baths. Available for Young and other temperature sensors. Test Report provided. Polynomial equation supplied for Platinum RTD sensors without signal conditioning.



Calibration Wind Tunnel

Environmental chamber with pressure controller.


Barometric Pressure Sensor Calibration

Complete recalibration of YOUNG barometric pressure sensors model 61302. Restores and recertifies sensor to factory specification. Report provided. Available for Young models 61302L and 61302V.