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Wind Sentry

Model 03002/03102

The Model 03002 Wind Sentry Anemometer and Vane are professional quality sensors suitable for a wide range of wind measurement applications. These economically priced sensors provide excellent sensitivity, corrosion resistance, and minimal parts count for easy maintenance.

The anemometer uses three lightweight hemispherical cups to measure wind speed. Cup wheel rotation produces an ACfrequency that is linearly proportional to wind speed. The vane employs a balanced vane assembly with vane position sensed by a long life precision potentiometer. Precision stainless steel ball bearings are used throughout.

For wind speed only, Model 03102 Wind Sentry Anemometer is available separately.

Wind Speed: 0-50 m/s (112 mph)
Azimuth: 360° mech.,352° electrical (8° open)
Wind Speed: ±0.5 m/s (1.1 mph)
Wind Direction: ±5°
Anemometer: 1.1 m/s (2.5 mph)
Vane: 1.3 m/s (2.9 mph) at 10°
Signal Output:
Wind Speed Signal: AC sine wave, 1 pulse per rev.
Wind Direction Signal: DC voltage from 10Kohm conductive plastic potentiometer, 1% linearity, life expectancy: 50 million revolutions.
Power Requirement: Potentiometer excitation 15 VDC max
Overall height: 32 cm (12.6 in)
Crossarm Length: 28cm (11.0 in) between instrument centers
Vane length: 22 cm (8.7 in)
Cup wheel diameter: 12 cm (4.7 in)
Crossarm mounting: 34 mm (1.34 in) diameter (standard 1 inch pipe)
Shipping Weight: (03002) 1.3 kg (3 lb)
Ordering InformationModelPrice
WIND SENTRY 03002$668.00
WIND SENTRY / 4-20mA outputs 03002L$950.00
WIND SENTRY / Voltage outputs 03002V$960.00
WIND SENTRY ANEM. 03102$320.00
WIND SENTRY ANEM. / 4-20 mA outputs 03102L$608.00
WIND SENTRY ANEM. / Voltage outputs 03102V$616.00
CABLE for 03102/03102L / 2 conductor shielded 18641 $0.40/ft.
CABLE for 03002/03002V/03102V / 5 conductor shielded 18446 $0.50/ft.
CABLE for 03002L / 2 pair shielded 18723 $0.60/ft.
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