R.M. Young Company

The R. M. Young Company is introducing the all new Young ResponseONE Weather Transmitter (Model 92000). The ResponseONE measures five key meteorological variables with one compact instrument. It is ideal for many weather monitoring applications requiring accurate, reliable measurement. The sensor features durable, corrosion-resistant construction, low power consumption and user-tailored digital output. Ultrasonic wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, relative humidity and temperature sensors are carefully integrated in the rugged package. A variety of useful serial output formats are provided including SDI12, NMEA, and ASCII text.

Applications for the ResponseONE include industrial monitoring, transportation, environmental monitoring, agriculture, and energy production. The ResponseONE joins a proven line of meteorological instruments produced by Young in the USA since 1964.
For more information about the ResponseONE and other precision meteorological instruments, please contact Young sales at met.sales@youngusa.com or 231-946-3980.